Integrative therapy is a progressive form of psychotherapy that combines various therapeutic tools and approaches to meet the unique needs of you as a client. Integrative therapy focuses on an active role for you in your guidance, more than the traditional forms of therapy. We take into account your individual characteristics, preferences, needs, physical possibilities and your own spiritual beliefs.    

In your tailor-made guidance you regain control of your own life. You are at the helm again and you know where you long to go. You feel what is and what is not good for you (boundaries) and you can indicate this to the people around you. Inside, you feel better and in your daily life you know how to convert that feeling into decisiveness, decisions and action.

Most people who seek help focus primarily on their issues, on their complaints. At Internity we believe there is more than your issues: you still exist. You may think that guidance is only about talking about your issues or complaints. At Internity we believe that if you gain insight in yourself and how you deal with your issues, you regain resistance and resilience to deal with life’s challenges. Health and well-being in our view are much more than the absence of issues. We believe it is important that you not only have insight into your issues, but also know well for yourself what you need to continue living your own life. What you need to feel better. Together we discuss your current situation, what you wish to change and what you need for this change. We not only provide a program “in the outside world” (actual changes in your daily life), but we also work therapeutically with what is going on inside.

By your “inner world” we mean bringing together your thinking, feeling (emotions and mood), behavior and physical processes that occur within you. Hereby we take into account what has happened in your life, what is happening in your environment (work, private life) and things like a meaningful life and spirituality. The approach is to offer you the opportunity to make your own choices and to give purpose to your life, given the fact that life has setbacks. You prepare your own recipe for improving your health and well-being, with therapeutic support.

We will work with that “inner world” via (Hypno)therapeutic intervention techniques. These can be interventions from Classical Hypnotherapy, Neo-classical Hypnotherapy, but also a tailor-made approach using Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, NLP, Somatic Experiencing, Voice Dialogue, Focusing and so on. We will always explain what we are doing and why we opt for that approach. The approach is always customized. Internity does not work with a standard “methodology”: every client is unique and deserves tailor-made guidance.