You can easily schedule a first appointment via the online agenda on this website. An initial appointment takes approximately 90 minutes, but allow for a 2-hour extension. If you cannot resolve your appointment online, please contact the practice or contact us through the contact form on this website.

You receive an invitation via the planning system to enter your personal information online (securely!). We need this information for the correct settlement of all kinds of administrative matters, such as appointment confirmations and invoices.

We then invite you to complete a questionnaire online (secured!) in preparation for your guidance at Internity. By completing and sending this questionnaire to Internity, you instruct Internity to provide Integrative psychotherapy and Integrative hypnotherapy for adults. The General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement of Internity apply to this agreement.

Finally, you will receive a digital request for approval of the Privacy Statement of Internity and the General Terms and Conditions of Internity. Your agreement with Internity consists of a threesome of documents: the Intake questionnaire, your agreement on the Privacy Statement and your agreement on the General Terms and Conditions.