Bram van der Pijll (1964) is an independent entrepreneur, father of a son, who has already tackled many issues in life. 12 professions, never accidents, but ready to make transitions in his life as circumstances changed.

In addition to technical insight and physical work, dealing with people, interest in people, and making society more enjoyable is a common thread in his life. Always thinking in solutions for the future.

He attended the Maritime School in Enkhuizen, became a professional skipper and in the last 10 years he has developed a new industry in the Netherlands: the recycling of pleasure crafts. Bram has experience as a gardener, road and water works, skipper, sailing instructor, ship renovator, mentally disabled supervisor, work related re-integration supervisor, 4 years of city council and was a board member at various associations.

Bram has been active all his life on land, at sea but not in the air. He has many years of experience as a sailor, sailing instructor, rock climbing, canoeing, camping, horse riding, swimming and diving. Thanks to his many years of experience in guiding groups as skipper, he is responsible within Internity-BROES for the organizational side and group supervision at the BROES weekends.