BROES stands for:
Beseffen (Realize)
Rust (Peace)
Ontdekken (Discover)
Experimenteren (Experiment)
Samenwerken (Collaborate)

Internity-BROES is part of Internity and offers clients of Internity the opportunity to explore new sources of inspiration in an outdoor setting in a group environment to actually make changes in their lives. You will be further informed about the activities of Internity-BROES during your supervision or via the Internity Newsletter.

At BROES we believe that:

  • You learn the most by doing and experiencing rather than “talking about”.
  • Life becomes so much more fun when you remove all unnecessary frills and keep things simple, pure and basic.
  • Broes-weekends are presented as a kind of “salad bar” with new sources of inspiration to actually make changes to your life.
  • We are not going to tell you what to do or not to do: choose your own choices.

What does this mean in practice?

  1. Be prepared to view and experience life from the basics.
  2. Be willing to discover that so much more is going on than just your own perspective.
  3. Be willing to let go of old habits and tap into new sources of inspiration.
  4. Be willing to look beyond your limitations.
  5. Be prepared to exchange luxury and comfort for simple and basic facilities.
  6. Be prepared to go offline for a weekend.
  7. Being curious about new people and their life stories.
  8. Discover that everyone has challenges in life.
  9. Surrender to the new unknown.
  10. Respect for privacy, security and confidentiality.

The origin of BROES
In 2018 Loes Kaijen came in contact with Bram van der Pijll. An exchange of feelings, emotions, solutions and understanding for each other’s desire for change in the world led to the need to pull together. Together they supervise outdoor weekends to supplement and deepen individual guidance for clients of Internity: the BROES weekends.